Full Kevlar®. Full send.

If you're going to buy only one packraft, this is IT. Stronger than our TPU packrafts, lighter than PVC, the X-Series combines the best of both worlds in a shred sled like no other. A fully Kevlar® reinforced hull offers unparalleled durability and abrasion resistance, and the highest strength to weight ratio ever. We've combined best-in-class proven technologies and new features that will truly make it one packraft to rule them all. Read on for more.

Nirvana Self-Bailing X

$1,499 - $1,649

Available with Optional TIZIP

Rogue-Lite X

$1,099 - $1,249

Available with Optional TIZIP

Full Kevlar® Construction

The Kokopelli X-Series packrafts are built with ultimate durability and shred levels in mind. We took our ultra durable Kevlar® floor and added Kevlar® up into the sidewalls to maximize overall strength. Combining the already proven Kokopelli Nirvana Self-Bailing and Rogue Lite platforms, we have delivered the strongest, most durable packrafts on the water - ever. Full Send.

Automatic Pressure Relief Valve

The Kokopelli X-Series packrafts are equipped with an automatic pressure relief valve (PRV) to ensure that proper PSI is always maintained & optimal no matter the conditions. The PRV will release air from the packraft's pontoon chambers if a higher than optimal PSI is detected - preventing overinflation.

TiZip Equipped (Optional)

The Kokopelli X-Series packrafts are optionally equipped with a TiZip storage to make multi-day trip expeditions possible. TiZip allows inner pontoon access making gear storage possible keeping your gear & essentials dry while you paddle. TiZip is an optional configuration for both the Nirvana Self-Bailing X and Rogue Lite X-series models.

Best in Class Leafield D7 Valve

The Kokopelli X-Series packrafts are equipped with a best in class Leafield D7 valve providing proven and reliable inflation performance. The Leafield D7's low profile cap, high flow rate for ease of inflation & deflation combined with the fact that it is the valve of choice for most commercial whitewater rafts is why we offer this valve on all our packrafts.

Kokopelli Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

The Kokopelli X-Series packrafts are backed by the Kokopelli Lifetime Warranty Guarantee. We guarantee these packrafts against manufacturing defects for life. Full stop. General wear and tear, user error (keep it together!) and acts of God not covered. For everything else, we've got you.

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