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Adventure Series


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The Ultimate Backcountry Tool

From rolled to inflated in no time, lightweight and packable, the packraft is the ultimate backcountry tool to explore any type of water - from the gushing backcountry river to the serene alpine lake.

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Chase the unexplored, the untouched and the inspirational spots.  Get inspired from our ambassadors for your next multi-adventure packrafting trip.


What is Packrafting?

Packrafting is a relatively new sport in the outdoor world. Light enough to be carried long distances, packrafts are the perfect add-on to any adventure. Biking, hiking, car camping, traveling, or paddling in your own backyard. Packrafts pack up small and are very light weight making them easy to store and transport. Grab a paddle, strap any larger gear on top, and you’re ready to get out on the water!

The Tool for Adventure

The packraft is the ideal option for egress and adds a new dimension of travel to your next trip. There is no feeling like paddling a remote river at the bottom of deep canyon carved through bedrock over millions of years.

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First Descent of New Zealand's Wild Southern Alps

Barny Young and fellow packrafters started hiking near the small town of Whataroa, New Zealand and headed roughly 35km into the hills. This is where the whitewater starts raging.

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I chose the Rogue-Lite from the Adventure series as it fits well with my current minimalist/ultralight hiking lifestyle.

This raft is perfect for backpacking as it is their second lightest packraft and capable for lakes and moving water, and I want to work my way into traveling down streams.


The Recon Self-Bailing has opened up another avenue of enjoying the river for me. I can paddle my local creek at a lower volume than I could with a kayak, yet still have fun. It handles small drops, low volume creeks, and high volume rivers well. I can guide beginner paddlers with little river running experience down a river since the boats are stable and easy to paddle and you are not “inside” the boat, like a kayak.


The Recon Self-Bailing takes the best qualities of a packraft and an inflatable kayak and combines them into one boat. It’s made of a bomber material which makes it both more durable and a lot stiffer for a more stable ride.

I’m confident in the boat’s stability and I’m now actually paddling through the rowdy sections and working on my technique so I can become a better paddler instead of a stronger swimmer.


I’m a huge fan of the Nirvana Self-Bailing. I love the self-bailer because you can easily hop in and out, and if you flip, it’s possible to get back in mid-rapid - as was the case for me when paddling some of the larger waves on the Grand Canyon.


The Nirvana Self-Bailing is an all season boat perfect for travel and exploring any class of river. Since purchasing the Nirvana Self Bailer I have navigated rivers up to class 4 in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Washington!

The self-bailer is great for re-entry when scouting, and after some practice is especially good for re-entering the boat mid-rapid after a flip. I love having the self bailer for hot summer days, and after throwing on the drysuit the self bailer makes for added fun in whitewater.


The Nirvana Spraydeck is my go to packraft for whitewater. It feels like an inflatable version of a hardsided whitewater kayak, yet 1/4 the weight. With the spraydeck, spray skirt, and thigh straps, it’s like the packraft is an extension of you. It’s responsive, stable, and forgiving, great for whitewater beginners to experts.

It’s great in low flow creeks to big water wave trains to surfing waves and holes. The spray deck/skirt combo keeps you dry making it a great choice for getting after it year round.


I’m addicted to whitewater. The Nirvana Spraydeck offers everything I need to have fun on the river. The spraydeck keeps me dry and warm and due to its light weight an d small pack size traveling around the world is now super easy compared to a kayak.

My packraft is always and everywhere with me, now I do not have to go without a flow.


I’ve taken the Rogue Spraydeck out on rivers, oceans and lakes all over the world. It’s become my favorite tool for photography, allowing me to get to new places I couldn’t get before.

It’s rugged, stable and comfortable. I can’t wait to get this raft out on my next adventure.


For me, the best part about the Rogue is that it allows me access to places that would otherwise be inaccessible. The Rogue Spraydeck portability, ultra light weight and ease of use had me reaching for it again and again; pushing my limits just a little further each time I took them out.

I can honestly say that there’s really no reason that I found not to bring it with me anywhere there is water.


There's many types of envy you experience in the outdoors from admiring someones adventure mobile to the size of their climbing rack but none of it quite compares to the look you receive when others see you experiencing a high alpine lake in a packraft while they watch from the shoreline.

The Rogue-Lite has allowed me to take a floating vessel to places no canoe or kayak could ever even imagine going.


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