Our recommended packrafts & boats for Marine

Boats on Boats!

Coastal caves, secluded beaches, hidden coves–packrafts go where almost no other craft can. An infinitely stowable addition to any voyage, Kokopelli packrafts extend your range to include even the skinniest of water. When the anchor drops, the adventure truly begins!

Sail Away

From Key West to Pensacola and swamps to coastal marshes, we found adventure all over the Sunshine State.


Marine Raft

When you take your marine kayak out to sea, you truly get to experience an adventure unlike any other. On your inflatable marine kayak, you can explore breath-taking caves, impressive coasts, and shorelines at any time and any place. With their sleek and durable design, these rafts allow you to glide swiftly and smoothly through the waves. Whether you are an expert rafter or a beginner, you'll find that every marine inflatable boat from Kokopelli is easy to use on the water. Take a look at all our options below to find the best marine raft for all your sea-bound adventures.