Bikepacking Packrafts

Bikepacking Packrafts

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From low-flow creeks to bermy singletrack, backcountry runs to desert switchbacks and every rock garden in between - we've built a strong and sturdy packraft to get you there. Light and packable, infinitely portable, and durable enough to get you (and your bike) pretty much anywhere. With our tough and long-lasting Kokopelli bikepacking packrafts, you can explore gravel roads and winding rivers on your next bikepacking expedition in the wilderness. Our inflatable packrafts are lightweight, durable, and very easy to transport. All you need to do is find a beautiful river or lake, place your bike and other equipment on top of the raft, and get out on the water! We offer a lifetime warranty on our Leafield D7 valves and a one-year warranty for our TiZip zippers for all our Kokopelli bikepacking packrafts. Prepare for your next bikepacking adventure with strong and lightweight inflatable packrafts from Kokopelli.


We loved using our Kokopelli packrafts on a once in a lifetime trip through Mongolia.


I’ve taken the Rogue Spraydeck out on rivers, oceans and lakes all over the world. It’s become my favorite tool for photography, allowing me to get to new places I couldn’t get before.

It’s rugged, stable and comfortable. I can’t wait to get this raft out on my next adventure.


The Nirvana Spraydeck is my go to packraft for whitewater. It feels like an inflatable version of a hardsided whitewater kayak, yet 1/4 the weight. With the spraydeck, spray skirt, and thigh straps, it’s like the packraft is an extension of you. It’s responsive, stable, and forgiving, great for whitewater beginners to experts.

It’s great in low flow creeks to big water wave trains to surfing waves and holes. The spray deck/skirt combo keeps you dry making it a great choice for getting after it year round.


For me, the best part about the Rogue is that it allows me access to places that would otherwise be inaccessible. The Rogue Spraydeck portability, ultra light weight and ease of use had me reaching for it again and again; pushing my limits just a little further each time I took them out.

I can honestly say that there’s really no reason that I found not to bring it with me anywhere there is water.


Epic March

Watch ROAM INDUSTRY bikepack, packraft and ski their way through the Abajos, La Sals, and Henrys in Southern Utah covering just over 500 miles.