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Our recommended packrafts & boats for Bikepacking

Not all packrafts are made equal. But thankfully, Kokopelli packrafts are made for the demands of bikerafting — which include both being able to safely carry the weight and bulk of bikes on top during river runs and lake paddling trips while inflated, and being lightweight and compact enough to be deflated and carried on-the-go while biking.

Kokopelli bikepacking rafts are designed to withstand rough waters, multi day trips, and mountain bikes. 

Light, portable, but tough, they embody all the necessary qualities of a good bikerafting vessel. So go ahead. Take the path less traveled. Blaze your own trail into the unknown. 

Our bikepacking rafts are here to give you the capability to venture further. Whether you’ve got solo short crossings or longer excursions with friends planned, our packrafts for bikes have you covered.

Pick Your Line

From low-flow creeks to bermy singletrack, backcountry runs to desert switchbacks and every rock garden in between - we've built a strong and sturdy packraft to get you there.

Light and packable, infinitely portable, and durable enough to get you (and your bike) pretty much anywhere. With our tough and long-lasting Kokopelli bikepacking packrafts, you can explore gravel roads and winding rivers on your next bikepacking expedition in the wilderness.

Our inflatable packrafts are lightweight, durable, and very easy to transport. All you need to do is find a beautiful river or lake, place your bike and other equipment on top of the raft, and get out on the water!

We offer a lifetime warranty on our Leafield D7 valves and a one-year warranty for our TiZip zippers for all our Kokopelli bikepacking packrafts.

Bikerafting FAQs

What is Bikerafting?

Bikerafting has many definitions. At its core, though, most agree that it involves combining bikepacking, which itself combines the activities of cycling and backpacking, with rafting.

Bikerafting aficionados will tell you that the spirit of bikerafting is all about self-sufficiency, adventure, and the ability to explore uncharted territory and spots off the beaten track, often during multi day journeys into nature. Because of the multi day component bikerafting often includes, camping is another activity that is commonly associated with the sport.

How Do Bikerafting vs. Bikepacking Differ?

Bikepacking combines the best of both backpacking and biking — most often touring or mountain biking on dirt roads, gravel paths, and unexplored, unpaved terrain.

Bikerafting adds rafting into the mix, which requires taking your raft with you along with other gear while biking, and conversely, taking your bike with you while rafting.

Is Bikerafting Safe?

Bikerafting always involves an element of risk. It’s why packrafting pros urge the importance of creating and enforcing a culture of safety in the bikerafting community.

So it’s important to follow the American Packrafting Association’s P.A.C.K.R.A.F.T. Safety Code and take safety seriously. If you do, you will greatly reduce your risk of injury or fatality.

What Makes a Good Bikerafting Packraft?

  • Durability: Bikerafting packrafts must be durable enough to withstand not only the rocks, rough water, and UV rays encountered while rafting, but also having a bike on top – which of course is not only heavy but has a sharp chain and pointy bits like the handbrakes and handlebars. 
  • Bike-Friendly Design: Quality bikerafting boats and packrafts are designed to remain both rugged and light in weight so they can hold a bike's frame and wheels on top while you packraft and then stow the raft away into a dry bag, frame bag, or seat bag on the bike.
  • Maneuverability: Packrafts for bikes should be well-optimized to handle similarly to regular unladen packrafts, meaning they should be designed to incorporate a bike and still maneuver well.

Your Next Adventure Awaits: Shop Packrafts for Bikes Now

Prepare for your next bikepacking adventure with strong and lightweight inflatable packrafts from Kokopelli’s bikepacking collection.

Epic March

Watch ROAM INDUSTRY bikepack, packraft and ski their way through the Abajos, La Sals, and Henrys in Southern Utah covering just over 500 miles.