A Different Commute

Packrafting ain't just for the Wild West. Tiny apartment? No car? No excuse! Packrafts carry easily in a pack, on a bike, on the subway, or in a Lyft, and store in the tiniest of closets, under the kitchen sink, behind the sofa or wherever you can think to stash 'em. The perfect tool to escape the grind (and the grid).

Reviews From The Pros

I’m a huge fan of the Nirvana Self-Bailing. I love the self-bailer because you can easily hop in and out, and if you flip, it’s possible to get back in mid-rapid - as was the case for me when paddling some of the larger waves on the Grand Canyon.


I chose the Rogue-Lite from the Adventure series as it fits well with my current minimalist/ultralight hiking lifestyle.

This raft is perfect for backpacking as it is their second lightest packraft and capable for lakes and moving water, and I want to work my way into traveling down streams.


There's many types of envy you experience in the outdoors from admiring someones adventure mobile to the size of their climbing rack but none of it quite compares to the look you receive when others see you experiencing a high alpine lake in a packraft while they watch from the shoreline.

The Rogue-Lite has allowed me to take a floating vessel to places no canoe or kayak could ever even imagine going.


I’ve taken the Rogue Spraydeck out on rivers, oceans and lakes all over the world. It’s become my favorite tool for photography, allowing me to get to new places I couldn’t get before.

It’s rugged, stable and comfortable. I can’t wait to get this raft out on my next adventure.


Planes, Trains, and Packrafts

Kokopelli took a weekend trip to New York to explore all its local lakes and waterways. Highlights include packrafting the Hudson River, paddling by the Statue of Liberty and chilling in New York's Central Park.