Backpacking Rafts

Backpacking Rafts

Beyond the Beaten Path

Whether you’re setting out on a weeklong trek or a sprint mission to a secret fishing hole, the path less travelled is the way to go. At Kokopelli, we ensure our sturdy backpacking rafts are very lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take them along on all your outdoor adventures. Our Kokopelli backpacking packrafts weigh in at as little as 5.2lbs (and double as a super cushy sleeping pad), so bring your backpacking inflatable raft on your next adventure and leave the crowds behind. Glide over rivers and lakes at any time during your trip when you bring your durable and lightweight backpacking inflatable boat. Single-person packrafts, such as our “Rogue R-Deck” model, carry 300 lbs. worth of gear, including your dog. Need more room for your equipment or your husky? Choose one of our larger sizes of backpacking packrafts, such as our “Twain” model, which is the only two-person packraft on the market. With a Kokopelli backpacking raft, you can make your trip even more exciting and get out on the water quick and easy.


I chose the Rogue-Lite from the Adventure series as it fits well with my current minimalist/ultralight hiking lifestyle.

This raft is perfect for backpacking as it is their second lightest packraft and capable for lakes and moving water, and I want to work my way into traveling down streams.


I wish we would have found these packrafts sooner into our hiking and traveling adventures. There's nothing quite like being able to pack them into a backpack and get away from the crowds at the summit of an alpine lake. We were hooked from our very first 11 mile hike! Quick to inflate, incredibly lightweight, and durable enough for one of my dogs to raft with me.

Danielle Boucek

There's many types of envy you experience in the outdoors from admiring someones adventure mobile to the size of their climbing rack but none of it quite compares to the look you receive when others see you experiencing a high alpine lake in a packraft while they watch from the shoreline.

The Rogue-Lite has allowed me to take a floating vessel to places no canoe or kayak could ever even imagine going.


For me, the best part about the Rogue is that it allows me access to places that would otherwise be inaccessible. The Rogue Spraydeck portability, ultra light weight and ease of use had me reaching for it again and again; pushing my limits just a little further each time I took them out.

I can honestly say that there’s really no reason that I found not to bring it with me anywhere there is water.


Packrafting Idaho's Remote Alpine Lakes

A late snow season didn't deter these adventurers from their 6.5 mile hike (enjoying a 1600 foot elevation gain) to find their perfect paddle. With beautiful granite spires surrounding them on all sides, the peaceful feeling out on the calm water made the trek more than worth it. They spend their time exploring on their Kokopelli Packrafts to hiking between lakes.