Good packrafts get you from where you are to where you’re going, plain and simple. 

But the best packrafts do so much more. 

The best rafts are purpose-built and designed from the ground up to be packable, portable, and lightweight yet stable…everything a packrafter wants in a raft, and then some.

…And that’s exactly what Kokopelli packrafts are. 

What Makes the Best Pack Rafts Truly Great?

The best rafts for river floating are sometimes (but not always) the same as the best rafts for river rapids

We like to think our rafts are some of the best for their intended use cases. After all, our brand was built by packrafters for packrafters.

At Kokopelli, we don’t believe in “good enough”. We believe in over-engineering each of our rafts so it can handle what a long day of rafting brings its way…

We know that trying to make one raft to “do it all” is like trying to swim upstream in Class V Rapids: it’s just not feasible. Instead, we manufacture purpose-built rafts for every type of use case imaginable.

  • Looking to paddle down calm water under clear skies? We have a raft for you.
  • Looking for a white-knuckle whitewater rafting experience in choppy rapids? We have a raft for you too.

Why Choose Kokopelli Packrafts?

Simply put, we “get it”. We understand the needs of both aspiring packrafters and experienced pros…

  • We get that you want a raft with durable materials like Kevlar® and features like self-bailing floors.
  • We get that when you’re taking multi day trips, you want extra internal storage (for that, we offer an available TiZip Zipper). 
  • We get that when you’re backpacking to campsites, you need a raft that is as lightweight as possible to conserve your energy and strength for the good stuff.

Find the Best River Raft for Your Needs

We know that no two rafters are alike. That’s why no two of our rafts are the same.

From rafts designed for casual use to rafts that can be used for bikerafting in rapids, we make a variety of modern packrafts for every free spirit, outdoors enthusiast, and adventurer — you included.

Looking for additional information about our rafts to make sure you choose the perfect one for your unique needs? Take our quiz “Which boat is right for me” now to find out.

Otherwise, we invite you to check out our products above to see more.