• Peak-Season (April - September): During peak season it can take between 2-4 weeks to complete a custom work project or repair. If you have a trip upcoming, please send the boat in as soon as possible and reach out to us immediately (!
  • Off-Season (October - March): Most work normally takes 1-2 weeks to complete during this time. Even if you just want a check-up, please reach out to us. The off-season is a perfect time to get your boat ready for next season! 
  • Shipping: Shipping is the big variable. If we are doing custom work on a new boat, that can speed things up significantly. Just to make things easier, we will send you the shipping label for the boat :-)

What To Do

  1. Fill Out The Form: Fill out the Return Authorization (KORA) Form (HERE or at the bottom of the page)
  2. Add The Work: Go to Custom Work and/or Repairs product page and add the work you want completed to the cart (please reach out to us before adding multiple D-Ring additions or patches to the cart as we can offer a reduced rate depending on how much work needs to be done)
  3. Shipping Label: We'll reach out to discuss the work and send the Shipping Label :-)
  4. Clean Your Boat: We recommend using a vacuum to get the grit out of the seams. Once done, clean water with a very light amount of Dawn soap to clean the boat followed up by a rinse. Lastly, please let the boat dry thoroughly.
  5. Pack and Ship Your Boat: Please pack it with care as shipping is not always the kindest to packages.