Fully waterproof and weatherproof ON BIKE STORAGE SYSTEM

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Bike featuring attached bike bags


Packrafting enables us to venture further, so that's why we made bike bags. The fully waterproof Durango Bike Bag system efficiently stores your entire raft — paddle and all — in an easy to access, quick-connect manner that makes accessing your secret put-in spots easier than ever.

Durango Frame Bag

The Durango Frame Bag is fully waterproof and comes in three sizes (S,M,L). The bag is kept waterproof and dust free by using TRU® Zip technology, and an internal zippered storage pocket, and adjustable Hypalon loops ensure your essentials are safe and secure.


The handlebar bag and harness can store any item that can be rolled and cinched. Purposely designed to carry your packraft and paddle.

Durango Seat Post Bag

Securely store gear beneath your saddle. The roll-top, waterproof, TPU dry bag securely attaches via a Fidlock TWIST base for quick on-off access.

Durango feed bag

Attach one feed bag to each side of your stem to store quickly-needed items like a phone, tools and fuel.

Durango Top Tube Bag

The Durango Top Tube Bag gives quick access to your phone and other ride essentials. Fully waterproof using TRU® Zip technology, and touch-screen compatible for all your on-the-go needs.

Bike Bag FAQs

What Do The Best Bikepacking Bags Offer?

  • Size & Capacity: You’re getting a bicycle bag because you need space to store essentials used on-the-go. So ensuring there’s enough space is essential.
  • Durability: Whether choosing a bikepacking frame bag or bike feed bag, you want to ensure that any bike bag you purchase is durable enough to withstand the tough conditions associated with packrafting and bikepacking.
  • Weather Resistance: A good bike bag can easily handle any weather conditions.
  • Attachment Methods: How a bike bag attaches to your bike matters. That’s why bags like our Durango Seat Post Bag utilize a secure Fidlock TWIST base.
  • Comfort & Fit: Bike bags should enhance, not detract from your bikepacking experience.

Which Kokopelli Bike Bags Will Hold My Packraft?

The Kokopelli Durango Bike Bag System consists of several individual bags, from the Durango Seat Post Bag (a type of bike saddle bag), to the Handlebar Bag & Harness.

Each bag has its own purpose. The Handlebar Bag & Harness is specifically designed to accommodate a rolled and cinched packraft as well as a paddle.

Are Kokopelli Bike Bags Waterproof?

Yes. Kokopelli Durango bags are fully waterproof.

What Warranty Coverage Do Kokopelli Bike Bags Offer?

Whether shopping for a Kokopelli bikepacking handlebar bag or a bikepacking seat bag, you’ll be glad to know that unless otherwise noted, all Kokopelli bike bags come standard with Kokopelli’s standard limited warranty. They also offer the peace-of-mind that comes standard with a 30-day money-back guarantee.