The Epic March - A human powered adventure to ski the three lonely mountains (Abajos aka Blue Mountains, La Sals, and Henry's) in South East Utah.

With ambitions to start and end in Monticello, with a little over 500 miles in between, five friends embark on the most rigorous physical trek they've ever experienced. Their objective: propelling their bodies and gear forward by manipulating the amazing bikes, skis, and packrafts at their disposal. Skiing peaks at 11,000 feet, crossing wind-swept flats between mountain ranges, exhausting canyon descents and climbs, and river floats with packrafts are the joys and challenges that face them of their journey. But after overwhelming exhaustion of knees, shoulders, Achilles tendons, and mental strength these five friends find themselves with a difficult decision - to finish the March, or accept the defeat of the terrain. Share in their adventure and pain in the film The Epic March.

Watch the full film below:

July 04, 2021 — admin
Tags: Film