The foundational purpose of packrafting seeks to provide access to a wide variety of waterways for people with differing skill sets. At its core, packraft sparks joy and wonder, inspiring paddlers to think and get outside the box. So often we hear about multi-week journeys that break its purveyors into submission and suffering and struggle. While there’s plenty of pleasure to be had through hard fought and won quests in the wilderness, there’s also a good deal of learning, growth, and happiness found in every day, micro-adventures taking place just beyond our backdoors.

Use your XPD to open up nearby waterways, spark your inner adventurer, or bring the gang together. Packrafting can encompass so many types of exploration, each beautiful and worthy in its own right. For those looking to make an adventure out of each weekend, here are some straightforward trips to plan with your packraft in hand.

Couple holding packrafts. Kokopelli XPD Packrafting Adventures

1) Spend the Night on the Banks of a Lake or Reservoir

Camping under the stars not only stokes our childlike fascination but rejuvenates our souls. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city is made even easier with your XPD packraft. Pack food, drinks, and camping gear in your XPD pontoons and take off from the banks of your local reservoir. 

Spend the day paddling in the sun, escaping the crowds, hiking up interesting trails, or fishing for dinner. Find a flat, sandy shore to set up camp and watch the sunset in the company of friends and family. This straightforward adventure gets you outside without much driving, hassle, or expense. Check with your local reservoir for parking and camping restrictions.

2) Explore Your Local Marinas

Talk about an up close and personal yacht tour. Marinas offer so much in the way of exploration and give paddlers a first-hand view at mega yachts, pristine sailing crafts, and rugged fishing vessels. This is a great activity to do with the kids or for friends looking to do something different without leaving the city.

Coastal explorers needn’t brave rough, cold oceans but can instead drive down to the local boat dock and put in. Be wary and adhere to marina laws to stay safe and out of the way of larger crafts. Prior to launching, research dockside bars and restaurants for the perfect end to a perfect day.

Kokopelli XPD Packrafting Adventures

3) Camp on a “Private” Island 

We may never get the chance to own a private island but we certainly can take full advantage of the opportunity to camp on one. Plenty of local lakes, reservoirs, coastal regions, and rivers have islands peppering their sparkling waters. 

Ever want to experience what it would be like to camp on your own private island? Name some coastal waters, inland lakes and reservoirs, and flat rivers that boast islands in their center. From Michigan’s Great Lakes to snaking rivers in the American Southwest, each is home to myriad islands that offer a safe and comfortable oasis for an overnight camping trip. Scout waterways near you for potential secluded, private islands that can be all yours for the evening.

Friends packrafting in a city landscape. Kokopelli XPD Packrafting Adventures

4) Urban Adventure in Your City’s Waterways

Many of America’s great cities became great because of their access to water. The mighty Mississippi, the narrow Rio Grande, the chilly Hudson, and the meandering Mousourri provided essential life sources for indigenous inhabitants. Later settlers utilized the waters for transportation and shipping, eventually leading to the rise and consistent success of bordering cities. 

Fortunately for us, urban areas are pushing ecotourism and cleaning up polluted rivers as a way to entice tourists and retain residents. Chicago, New York, D.C., and Denver - to name a few - have invested in their cities river systems and now many outfitters offer tours throughout big city waterways. With your XPD, you can access the city’s watery veins and take your own private river tour. Pack a picnic lunch and pull out at a park or right up to a bar for a happy hour beverage. The city is your oyster!

5) Set Sail in a nearby Bay or Sound

Even landlubbers will appreciate the chance to set sail and cruise around nearby beaches, bays, or sounds. Our durable XPD is ocean ready and paddlers needn’t fear rocking this rugged little boat. 

Plan a day trip or a weekend camping excursion that starts from a nearby beach and sticks close to shore. Explore bays and coves while you and your packrafting party bop along the shoreline. PNW sounds are the perfect breeding ground for micro oceanic adventures via an XPD packraft. Lose the crowds, take to the sea, and make memories that will be more than just fish tales to tell your coworkers next week. 

Dad and son fishing in a packraft. Kokopelli XPD Packrafting Adventures

6) Fishing in Your Backyard

Have you been eyeing up a local lake where you always see someone with a fishing pole handy? Maybe you're even running errands in a new part of town and you see the big one jump. When you have an XPD, you can always have a boat handy in your vehicle. Stop for a quick spin out on the lake or reservoir as you head home from work or first thing Saturday morning when the fish are biting.

Since the XPD is constructed from PVC, you can completely customize your raft with accessories and mounts from companies like Scotty and RamMounts. From fishing rod holders, GoPro Mounts, paddle holders, fishing tables, and shade sails, you can create your perfect oasis out on the water.

The Appeal of a Micro-Adventure

The term “adventure” is defined as “an unusual and exciting event or activity.” It doesn’t have to be dangerous, challenging, or epic. Stepping off solid land to venture out into the wet and wild sections of our world is an adventure unto itself. Simply pack a bag and your boat and plan to float some stretch of water just beyond your doorstep. A micro-adventure is simple, affordable, and fits well within your lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for?

Get Your XPD Today!

Our XPD has undergone rigorous testing and withstands tough, unexpected conditions. This 13-pound packraft is lightweight enough to take with you and strong enough to handle whatever test you put it through. Welcome to the exciting sport of packrafting, we promise your watery expeditions will never be the same.

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