Here are a few of our favorite pieces of gear for packrafters:

1. Sockdolager Equipment Ultralight Pogies

Pogies are basically mittens for your paddle that keep your hands warm and dry while packrafting. The ones made by Sockdolager are handmade in Oregon and are ultralight making them perfect for packrafting.

Sockdolager ultralight packraft pogies 

2. Oregon River Gear Sandiline Drysuit

Drysuits are essential for staying warm and dry when paddling in the fall winter or spring in colder water. This drysuit is incredibly tough and durable making it great for packrafting. It's great for hiking to the put in or when portaging around rapids and having to bush whack through thick vegetation. 

Oregon River Gear Sandiline Drysuit for packrafting

Throw bags or throw ropes are really important to carry when packrafting whitewater. When someone flips and needs to be rescued, you can throw the bag to them and help pull them back to shore. River Station bags are handmade in Colorado and are lightweight making them perfect for packrafting. Be sure to get proper training before using a throw bag.

Packrafting Throwbag and Throw bag and throw rope by River Station Gear

4. Modl Infinity Tool

The Modl Infinity tool is a multipurpose strap that you can use to connect almost anything. It's great for strapping bags to the D-rings on your packraft, or clipping a water bottle to your backband, or lashing a bike to the bow of your packraft.

Modl Infinity tool strap set for bikerafting

5. Grayl Titanium Purifier 

The Grayl Titanium Purifier is a great multipurpose waterfilter. First, you can use it as a normal water bottle. Second you can filter water with it fast and easy. Third, you can use the outside cup as a stove pot to cook backpacking meals. It's a great lightweight that comes in handy on multiday camping trips or even day trips when you just want to bring one bottle of water.

Packrafting waterfilter Grayl Titanium ultralight water filter for paddlers

6. The Bikeraft Guide

The Bikeraft Guide is an amazing resource for packrafters, bikepackers, and bikerafters. It has tons of tips and tricks, how tos, and stories from legendary bikerafters.

The Bikeraft guide book in a kokopelli durango frame pack waterproof truzip bag

Give the gift of an American Packraft Association Membership. The APA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community among packrafters, packrafter safety and education, and opportunities to packraft responsibly on public lands.
American Packraft Association membership APA packraft

8. Ruff Wear Float Coat Dog Life Jacket

Dog life jackets are great to have. Even if your dog can swim it helps keep them floating easier. It also has a handle on the top making it easier to help pull your pup back into your packraft.

Ruff Wear Float Coat Dog lifejacket for packrafting

9. Slot Desert Gear Guide 50L Backpack

While not a packrafting specific backpack, this bag really excels for packrafting especially multisport trips involving canyoneering. The bag is super tough and can take a beating. It also doesn't have a frame making it easy to roll up and store inside your TiZip if needed. Or easily strap it to the bow of your packraft.

Slot Desert Gear Packrafting backpack for canyoneering

Lifejackets aka PFDs are a mandatory piece of gear for packrafters. The Astral YTV is the best for packrafters. It's lightweight and low profile, making it easy to carry and pack in your bag. Since it's low profile, it makes climbing back into your packraft easy because there's nothing to get caught up on. 
Astal YTV packrafting lifejacket pfd for whitewater
December 13, 2023 — Tristan Burnham