Nano Barrel Pump

$63.96 $79.95


The Nano Barrel Pump packs down small and weighs only 1.6lb (0.7kg). We recommend this pump for the XPD, Recon Self-Bailing, Recon Spraydeck, Platte, Platte Plus, Moki-Lite, Moki I R-Deck, Moki II R-Deck and Chasm-Lite SUP. The pump features a pressure gauge and a switch to change between high-volume mode or high-pressure mode. High-volume is when the pump inflates on the up and down stroke cutting inflation time in half. High-pressure mode is for when you are pumping above 5 psi and only the down strokes inflate. The handles unscrew and the feet fold in, making it more compact than other pumps.