A TZip aka Ti-Zip Storage Zipper aka Cargo Fly is a waterproof and airtight zipper that allows you to store gear inside the air chamber of your packraft. This allows you to store gear inside your packraft instead of strapping it on top, which keeps the gear safe inside the boat incase you flip as well as lowers your center of gravity making the packraft more stable. With the TiZip, you can store your tent, sleeping bag, backpack and the rest of your gear inside, then close the zipper and inflate your packraft. We recommend upgrading to TiZip only if you are going on mulitday paddle trips because it adds a little bit of extra care and maintenance.

For over 20 years, TIZip products has been instrumental in the creation of numerous boats, backpacks, and garments. It is used extensively in drysuits, dry bags and fishing waders. It’s airtight, interlocking features make this closure even stronger and sealing lips encasing the zipper bolsters its waterproof properties. 

How Does a TiZip Keep My Packraft Airtight? 

TiZip manufactures four different types of zippers that each have various uses. For our Kokopelli packraft cargo holds, we utilize the Waterseal — a polyurethane zipper with metal slider that is suitable for freshwater and saltwater use. The TIZIP’s plastic teeth are first affixed to strong, polyurethane coated tape and then secured within a sealing lip that envelops the interlocking teeth. Through a time tested and continually tweaked process of welding, sewing, taping, and gluing, the TIZIP is heavy-duty and reliable, ensuring your cargo hold is air and water tight.

How Do I Keep My TiZip in the Best Working Condition? 

When you receive your packraft with the added TiZip cargo storage, we’ll also include a special lubricant you will need to apply to the zipper on occasion, it comes inside your repair kit. 

TiZip maintenance tips:

1. Cleaning: If your packraft TiZip zipper is dirty, we recommend cleaning it with a tooth brush, some mild dish soap, and water. With a brush, clean debris or sand out of the teeth. After using soap, rinse it with water. Also make sure the inside of your packraft is also clean and that anything that was washed into it is not left inside. Allow your zipper and the inside of the packraft to completely dry out. Even after normal use, be sure to air out the inside of the air chamber and let it dry out.


2. Lubrication: After cleaning your zipper it’s time to lube it up. Always apply TiZip lube after washing your zipper or anytime it starts to feel difficult to open or close the zipper. To apply lube: first open the zipper a few inches, put a small amount on the docking end of the zipper on the top and bottom, then close the zipper. Apply a little bit of lube to a towel or rag and rub in to the material on the zipper where the metal head would slide across while it is closed.  After lubing, open it a few times until it opens and closes smoothly. But be sure to wipe off any excess lube. Do not apply lube directly to the teeth, because dirt and sand may stick to the lube causing the zipper to jam.

3. Storage: After your TiZip is clean, lubed and dry be sure to store your packraft with the zipper closed. If it is left open, it can bend, which could lead to leaks. When storing your packraft be sure to either store it flat, or rolled up lightly from front to back so the zipper is not folded. Always store your packraft in a cool dry area that is protected from extreme heat or cold.

What and How Much Can I Store in My Pontoons? 

Our packrafts are ultra-durable and built to carry you through multi-day excursions, however, there are a few items that shouldn’t go into the cargo hold. Sharp objects like fishing hooks, rods, tent poles, or cutting utensils shouldn’t be loosely stored where they can puncture the material. We recommend storing all gear inside dry bags to keep your gear in one place as well as dry just in case you do get a small hole. It’s also vital to pack your pontoons evenly so your boat will remain balanced and track evenly. Packing gear isn’t just limited to flatwater paddling trips but can also be used for overnight whitewater rafting as well. Storing items in your packraft’s pontoons doesn’t hinder the boat’s durability or performance. Our whitewater packrafts like our Nirvana, Recon and Rodeo all have 2 internal d-rings to secure your bags in place.

Nights spent on a riverbank under the stars are made much more comfortable with warm, dry gear. The TiZip zipper allows packrafters to go farther and faster because it provides a safe, protected spot for all overnight essentials. Plus, keeping gear within the boat eliminates the need to strap items on the bow or stern, meaning more room for your precious pup or a cooler full of cold beverages. We trust the TiZip to keep our packrafts airtight and waterproof —  providing you with the ultimate vessel for exploration.

There is about 125 litters of storage space inside the Ti-Zip. Our Delta Dry Bag Set consists of 2 bags each with 25 litters of storage. You can easily fit 2 of these bags on each side as well as one in the back totally 5 drybags inside. Our Delta Roll Top Dry Bags also fit great inside the cargo fly zipper. The main concern is staying under the 300 pound weight limit of the packraft. Check out our checklist for all the gear you'll need for a packrafting trip.

Also note that the gear inside the TiZip is not accessible while you are paddling on the water. So when packing gear make sure to keep you day accessories like first aid kit, head lamp, snacks, extra layers inside a deck pack instead. For more tips on what to pack in your deck pack check out this blog.


Compatible TiZip Boats:

Rodeo Self Bailing TiZip
Rogue Lite TiZip
Rogue R-Deck TiZip
Recon Self-Bailing TiZip
Nirvana Spraydeck TiZip
Nirvana Self-Bailing TiZip
Recon Spraydeck TiZip
Twain TiZip
Twain-Lite TiZip
April 30, 2024 — Tristan Burnham