What I Keep in my Deck Pack

The Delta Deck Pack has been an awesome edition to my packrafting kit. It’s a fully waterproof dry bag with an airtight zipper that will keep everything inside dry. It's great for day trips and longer multi-day adventures. The deck pack attaches securely to your packraft, kayak or paddle board with 4 clips.  Here is a list of what I keep in my deck pack:


Deck Pack Snacks

I always keep a few granola bars in there as an emergency snack for day trips.  For overnight trips, food and meals are stored in the TiZip compartment on the packraft in a dry bag, but it’s nice to have a handful of snacks or a lunch to hold you over for a day of padding. Don't forget to bring some treats for your puppy too!

First Aid Kit

Deck Pack First Aid Kit

I keep my first aid kit and other essentials like sun screen, chapstick, and headlamp in my deck pack. I keep the first aid kit in a mini dry bag or ziplock bag in my deck pack to keep it all contained. I also have some hand warmers in my first aid kit.

My Phone or Camera

It’s nice to have your phone within reach to be able to take pictures while paddling. Also in case of an emergency, it is ready to go. I keep a mini microfiber towel to wipe off any water from the lens in case it gets splashed.

Patch Kit

I keep my patch kit, alcohol wipes, small towel and other repair items in the deck pack. This way they stay dry and protected and are ready to go if I need them. On longer trips I'll also bring some Aqua Seal, a mini brush, TiZip Lube and some straps or paracord.

Extra Layers

Deck Pack with pump, patch kit and layers

For winter paddling, I’ll keep an extra pair of gloves and an extra insulated layer. For summer runs I’ll bring an extra long sleeve for sun protection or for warmth if I paddle later than I planned on.

Pump or Inflation Bag

I always keep my Feather Pump in my deck pack on multi day trips. When accessing your TiZip compartment you'll have to deflate and inflate the packraft it makes it a lot easier with the Feather Pump. If I’m in a Recon I’ll bring my K Pump Mini so I can top off the Packraft to a higher PSI.


Things I Don’t Keep in my Deck Pack:

Water Bottle

I keep my water bottle clipped behind my seat. I use a small soft one with a locking carabiner. I also have one for multiday trips that has a built in water filter which is nice to drink on the go.

Throw Rope/Throw Bag (Whitewater Only)

Throw Rope/Throw Bag and Water Bottle

I keep my throw rope clipped behind my seat with a locking carabiner or if it has a buckle I’ll clip it with that. If the throw rope is in your deck pack it will add a few extra seconds to grab it in a rescue situation and you might be worried about dropping your phone or something. If you use your throw it will wet and you don't want to put a soaking wet rope back in your dry deck pack.


I always keep my keys in a hiding spot on my car. If you paddle a river and run a shuttle and get back to your car and realize you forgot your keys in your deck pack on the boat at the take out your friends will be upset. Make sure to tell others in your group where the keys are in case of an emergency. For backpacking trips to alpine lakes I keep my keys in the brain of my backpack clipped in and usually leave them there. Sometimes I do paddle with an extra copy of a key clipped into my life jacket pocket.

Overnight Gear

TiZip Zipper Storage

Anything that I won't need during the day like my sleeping bag, pad, tent, stove, food, ect is stored in the TiZip compartment in dry bags until I get to camp for the night. I can always access this gear but it requires that you to deflate and re-inflate your packraft so I try to plan out exactly what I need for the day so I don't have to access it mid day.

You can grab your own Delta Deck Pack here.

Delta Deck Pack in Rapids


December 13, 2022 — Tristan Burnham