There is something grand in these hills. Every year I find myself compelled to pay a visit to the Selkirk Mountain Range and venture into both familiar and unfamiliar territory scouring google maps for the next alpine lake, waterfall, or peak to add to the list. A series of meandering logging roads guide you from the eastern shores of Priest Lake and transports you into the pristine backcountry wilderness of the Selkirks.

Hunt Lake Packrafting Kokopelli

Tackling logging roads is just as much an adventure as the hike and exploration itself. A series of splits and forks in the roads lead through well-maintained dirt roads to questionable approaches at best, but hey it wouldn’t be fun without a couple of questionable 4x4 approaches.

Once the logging roads are championed you are then evaluating the impeding obstacles presented at the trailhead.

And by obstacles, I mean boulders. The boulder field at the Trailhead quickly gets the blood flowing and offers a unique perspective of the Selkirks otherwise overlooked. It’s a nice change of pace from your typical trail hike as you focus intently with each step along the way.  If you’re feeling like the rocks don’t quite suit your style, you can always peel off to the northeastern edge of the rock field and tackle switchbacks by way of dirt trails.

Hunt Lake Packrafting KokopelliHunt Lake Packrafting KokopelliHunt Lake Packrafting Kokopelli
August 15, 2020 — Alexander Mohamed