If you want to immerse yourself in the outdoors this year, consider an overnight packrafting trip. An overnight rafting trip is a great way to explore the water during the day and enjoy the stars at night. To prepare for your journey, check out these five camping tips for your overnight rafting trips.

1. Pack the Essentials

Rafting or hiking with a heavy backpack isn’t a lot of fun, so remember to only pack the essentials for your trip. For example, you will need to bring essential toiletries. Take a look at the list below to get an idea of what to pack for your trip.

  • Dry bag
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Comfortable, closed-toe shoes
  • Sleeping bag or hammock
  • Tent
  • Extra clothes
  • Rafting essentials

2. Bring a Tent or Hammock

When you and your companions finish rafting for the day in your backpacking rafts, you’ll need to set up a campsite using a tent or a hammock. However, if you choose to use a hammock, remember to check the weather forecast before you leave. The last thing you want is to leave your tent at home and camp in the rain.

3. Inspect Your Campsite

Whether you set up camp at a designated area or decide to go wherever the water takes you, you need to inspect your campsite when you arrive. Take a look around for any dangerous bugs or other critters, such as scorpions or snakes. Additionally, it’s helpful to clear the campsite of large branches or rocks to prevent injuries.

4. Wear Comfortable Clothing

As you sleep under the stars, you want to feel as comfortable as possible. Pack plenty of comfortable clothes for your trip and remember to keep the weather in mind. For colder months, bring plenty of layers, and for warmer months, pack breathable clothing.

5. Bring a Companion

The final camping tip for your overnight rafting trip is to bring a companion. Not only will a friend keep you company, but it’s also safest to travel in a group if you plan to tackle some whitewater rapids.

August 23, 2022 — Adrian Landia