The Hornet-Lite often goes overlooked in favor of our well known yellow packrafts or fancy whitewater series. Yet this quiet boat is actually quite the powerhouse. Weighing in at 4.4lbs (2.0 kgs), it is the lightest and most packable boat in the entire Kokopelli fleet. This pairs perfectly with just about any mult-sport activity: bikepacking and packrafting, hiking and fishing, backpacking and packrafting, and more.

In case this isn't enough, we've outlined five different reasons why the Hornet-Lite is perfect for you.

1) Van Life & City Living

Dog laying down next to a van by a lake. Why the Hornet Life Kokopelli Packraft is for you

Space is a commodity when you live on the road 24/7. No matter if you have a more spacious RV or a small rig, the compact Hornet-Lite will get you out on the water seamlessly without taking up much space. In fact, it's so small you'll easily be able to store two setups so you can enjoy company out on the water. Many in the vanlife community give the two-person Twain a consideration. It's a great boat as well, but after being joined at the hip, the Hornet-Lite gives you a bit freedom and space. And two Hornet-Lites actually weigh less than a single Twain boat, 8lbs 8oz and 13lbs 10 oz respectively.

Perhaps you aren't living in your vehicle, but your apartment size feels like a crackerjack box. Hardshell kayaks don't mesh well with a condo. It's not like you can store them under the living room window. Well, maybe you can, but it makes entertaining guests difficult. And renting space to store bigger boats offsets the savings you get by owning them. Instead, you could store an entire Hornet-Lite fleet in your closet and still have rooms for your favorite shoes.

2) Exploring Alpine Lakes 

Packrafts docked by a lake. Why the Hornet Life Kokopelli Packraft is for you

When trekking into the backcountry, lightweight is pivotal. You don't want to feel like you're lugging a whale up the trail, especially if you have other activities on your agenda, such as fishing or a multi-night route planned out. You need something ultra-lightweight and compact, giving you the ability to bring along other necessities.

No matter how much gear you're bringing along, 4.4lbs for the chance to enjoy those lofty blue waters is nothing. Plus, you'll be glad for the water access when you land the fish that fishermen tell stories about.

3) Traveling Abroad

Packed up packraft next to a lake. Why the Hornet Life Kokopelli Packraft is for you

With the way airlines are trending when it comes to luggage, you would think it's impossible to pack a full boat on the plane with you. Yet, the Hornet-Lite packs down small enough that you can even fit it into your carry-on. It's the truth! Our team has snuck a packraft into their carry on several times. It's all about making sure your priorities are in order, and we feel that packrafts are at the top of the list. It helped to have the Feather Pump to deflate the boat and get a really tight roll.

If allotting precious carry on space to your boat pushes your packing powers, rest easy knowing that the Hornet-Lite fits comfortably into any checked bag and gives you the ability to explore waters anywhere you go. Now you can start picking your destinations with those gorgeous blue waters in mind.

  • Exploring the limestone karsts of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam - check.
  • Sneaking in a packrafting trip while visiting family in Jackson Hole - check.
  • Dipping your toes into the waters of Banff, Canada - check.
  • Exploring the Greecian Islands from the water - check.

You get the idea. Whether you build your travels around packrafting or you want to add in a few jaunts on the water to your upcoming trip, the Hornet-Lite has you covered.

4) Packrafting Beginner

Man blowing up a packraft. Why the Hornet Life Kokopelli Packraft is for you

The Hornet-Lite is one of the best boats for packrafting beginners. First, as part of the lake series, it's an easy entry point to get out on the water. Flatwater gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with your packraft. It's also the lightest weight boat in the Kokopelli fleet, which makes it easier to maneuver. Lastly, we make sure it's a great price point for those just dipping their toe into the packrafting waters.

5) Packrafting with Dogs

Dog in a packraft at sunset.

Who wants to leave your furry friends on the sideline when you complete that final leg of your adventure? The Hornet-Lite is no stranger four-legged companions in tow. Packrafts are much more durable than you give them credit for. While we have ambassadors who bring pups on moving water, lakes are the ideal place to start training your dogs on packrafting basics.

And as the starter boat in the lake series, the Hornet-Lite is a great beginner boat for canines and humans alike. Check out our tips for packrafting with your dog..

June 17, 2021 — admin
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