Total weight capacity is something you should take into consideration when heading out to paddle. The heavier the boat the more weight you have to paddle around and the less efficient each stroke becomes. At Kokopelli our inflatable Kayaks are rated between 500 and 600 lbs of total cargo capacity which means you, plus whatever gear or 4-legged friends you bring aboard. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into this topic (pun intended) so that when you do head out ontwo the water, you can , you can choose a model 

How Much Weight Can a Kayak Actually Hold?

Kokopelli inflatable kayaks are designed and engineered to safely carry between 500-600lbs of total cargo capacity. Remember, that’s you and whatever beverages, gear, dogs, friends, camping gear and other trinkets you decided to pack with you.

About Inflatable Kayak Max Weights

most if not all Kokopelli kayaks have a weight capacity of at least 300 pounds with some models, like the Moki II R-Deck and Platte-Plus providing up to a 600-pound capacity.

Will a Kayak Sink if You’re Over the Weight Limit?

Sinking an inflatable kayak because of extreme weight load is rare. Overloading the weight capacity, more often than not, means your paddle will be harder, tracking will sluggish and you might take on more water when it starts to white cap on you.

Not necessarily. While it *could* sink if you’re far enough above the weight limit, there are other concerns that make staying within the recommended limit more pressing. As Sam OBrien notes in his blog “Kayak Weight Limit – How Much Weight Can A Kayak Hold?”,

“…if you exceed a kayak’s maximum weight capacity limit, it will cause the kayak to;

  • Become noticeably harder to paddle
  • Track poorly, feel sluggish and unresponsive.
  • Take on more water as it sits closer to the water line
  • Be in danger of capsizing, especially in rough waters”

for a vast majority of kayakers who fall around the weight limit or maybe even a little bit higher, the more pressing issue that they will face is that they won’t be able to effectively move through the water. You could also get wet, and, most dangerous, risk capsizing due to decreased stability. 

How Do I Pick a Kayak With the Right Weight Limit?

There are several ways to pick the right kayak for your weight — just remember that weight limits also include gear. While we’ve mentioned ensuring you choose a kayak that offers a weight limit that's 25-50% more than what you weigh, there are other ways to think about this, too.

The informative post from Paddle Camp “What Size Kayak Do I Need for My Weight?” recommends either:

  1. A) Taking a boat’s maximum weight capacity and reducing it by 30%-35% to come up with a more realistic idea of how much weight you should ideally be loading it with relative to the maximum weight.
  2. B) Choosing a boat with a weight capacity that is 125 pounds more than your body weight.

What is the Weight Limit of Each Kokopelli Kayak?

Despite being some of the most lightweight, portable inflatable kayaks and rafts available, Kokopelli Lake Series kayaks offer impressive weight capacities. Here’s an overview of some of our most popular models and their respective maximum weight capacities:

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Want to learn more about finding the right kayak? Head to our quiz, “Which boat is right for me?”, to get individualized guidance on finding the right boat for your weight and other needs.
April 28, 2023 — Kokopelli Outdoor