The thrill of catching a fish is hard to match. From the build-up to the fight with your line and rod, it continues to be a classic sport worth the effort. However, for anyone still easing into it, it’s a good idea to come prepared. There are many types of fishing gear to choose from and prioritize. To help you out, it’s good to know what to bring for a packraft fishing trip.

Protective Sprays

When outdoors, it’s always good to bring some things to deal with natural hazards and annoyances. Sunscreen is necessary when fishing, even when clouds are blocking the sun. The longer you are outside during the day, the more important it is to reapply every few hours. Bug spray is also great if you find yourself in hotbeds for mosquitos and other insects.

A Good Quality Raft

The most important thing to bring on a packraft fishing trip—next to your fishing rod—is the packraft itself. Fishing rafts are best suited to the sport as they offer several conveniences that make it easier for you. The best fishing rafts allow you to use them for other activities, such as whitewater rafting. The self-bailing Nirvana model is an excellent example of a highly versatile packraft.

GPS Capable Equipment

You will likely travel long distances to find your perfectly isolated fishing spots. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to bring some water-proof equipment with GPS. Regardless of how well you know the waters, a GPS comes in handy on the off-chance you find yourself lost or pulled into an unfamiliar area. It will help to have something to mitigate the effects of getting lost.

Packraft fishing is an exciting and rewarding way to spend time on the water. With all kinds of fish to wrestle with, it is recommended to bring a setup capable of meeting your needs. Knowing what to bring for a packraft fishing trip helps prevent you from running into any setbacks the next time you head out to enjoy your favorite sport.

November 21, 2022 — Adrian Landia