Removable Fin



The Removable Fin improves tracking and is especially useful on deep lakes, bays, inlets, and flat water.

We have 3 styles of fins: Slide In, Slide in w/teeth and Click in. All 3 are only compatible with the corresponding Skeg Box/Fin Plate.

The 9in and 5in slide in fins work with the US Standard Fin Plate which comes standard on our XPD, Twain, Chasm-Lite, Moki and Platte Kayaks.

The 4.5in click in fin works for the Twain-Lite Packraft.

The 9in w/teeth works on older (2020) Moki Kayaks.

If your packraft does not have a Skeg Box/Fin Plate and you would like to add one, please purchase a Skeg Box and the corresponding fin. 

We can also install Skeg Boxes on packrafts, for more info check out our Custom Work & Repair.