New Installation: D-Ring


D-Ring Type

Purchase this with or for your Kokopelli and we'll install 2x D-Rings (of your choice) on your boat in most any location you choose. You can choose between Stainless-Steel, Mil-Spec Webbing Loop, or Ladder-Lock Buckle D-Rings all in 1in (2.5cm) size.

This purchase includes parts (2x D-Rings) and labor.

Note: If you are using our boat custom installation or repair services, please be sure to complete a custom/repair work form here. Incomplete work order forms with missing details resulting in additional followups will add time to the expected completion dates listed below. We value your business and want to be sure that we get you back on the water as quickly as possible!

Custom Work Timelines:

  • Peak-Season (March - October): 3-5 Weeks (upon receiving boat)
  • Off-Season (November - February): 1-3 Weeks (upon receiving boat)