Inflation Bag (Leafield D7)


The Inflation Bag weighs 4.5 ounces, can fit into your pocket, and is the ultimate ounce-counters’ choice of inflation. Screw the bag onto your valve, scoop up air and squeeze it in. The inflation Bag will get your packraft about 90% full and then you'll need to top it off with the inflation tube (TPU packrafts) or a pump (PVC packrafts).

Compatible with the Leafield D7 valve ONLY. 

Compatible Boats

  • Hornet-Lite
  • Twain
  • Rogue-Lite
  • Rogue R-Deck
  • Nirvana Self-Bailing
  • Nirvana Spraydeck
  • Recon Self-Bailing 
  • Recon Spraydeck 
  • XPD