TRiB Valve Digital AirCap Pressure Gauge


Valve Type

The TRiB airCap is designed to replace your packraft’s existing inflation valve cap. Once the packraft is inflated, the airCap will give real-time readings, allowing you to see if the pressure gets too high or drops too low.

The TRiB airCap is rugged, waterproof and fully sealed Leafield D7 or Halkey-Roberts/GRI Push-Push valve cover. It’s also solar-powered; there are no batteries or parts to replace, and it performs in low-light at dusk, dawn, or by headlamp. It also has a small footprint, with a 2.8in (7cm) diameter and a weight of 1.4oz (40g). It’s a great, high-quality option for all of our packrafts and inflatable kayaks.

When ordering please make sure your choose the right valve. The Leafield D7 cap fits all our packrafts and the Halkey-Roberts/GRI Push-Push works for most of the Moki Kayaks, Chasm Lite SUP as well as most inflatable kayaks and SUPs. If you are unsure of which valve is on your boat please ask and we will be happy to help you pick the right one.