Replacement: D-Ring


D-Ring Type

Purchase this for your Kokopelli and we'll replace up to 2x D-Rings (of your choice) on your boat in most any location you choose. You can choose between Stainless-Steel, Mil-Spec Webbing Loop, or Ladder-Lock Buckle D-Rings all in 1in (2.5cm) size.

The cost includes Parts (two D-Rings), Labor, and Round-Trip Shipping (within the contiguous United States).

Replacement services are offered at a reduced rate of 50% off to cover our Shop Labor, Parts, and Shipping costs.

IMPORTANT! Once you have purchased the necessary repairs, please fill out our Custom Work & Repairs Form and we will be in touch within 1-2 business days!


  • Peak-Season (March - October): 6-8 Weeks (upon receiving boat)
  • Off-Season (November - February): 3-5 Weeks (upon receiving boat) 


  • Boat: Please make sure to clean and dry your boat thoroughly before sending it back.
  • Accessories: Please do not include anything that does not need to be fixed.


We'll send you the label after the Custom Work & Repairs form has been completed and we have evaluated the case.

Please note that International, Alaska (AK), and Hawaii (HI) may incur additional Shipping & Handling charges. 


You also have the option of directly contacting one of our certified repair shops that can repair your packraft. One of these shops might be closer as well as might have faster turn around times, saving you time and shipping costs.