Skeg Boxes



Skeg Boxes aka Fin Plates are used to attach a removable tracking fin to the bottom of your packraft, kayak or SUP. The Skeg Boxes are for new installs or replacing a broken or damaged Skeg Box. You will also need to purchase a fin to go with the Skeg Box.

There are 2 Skeg Box options: 

US Standard Fin Plate which uses the 9in and 5in slide in fins with locking pin.

Air 7 Click in Fin Box which uses the 4.5 in click in fins.

Both options will require glue to install the Skeg Box onto your packraft, kayak, or SUP.

If your packraft does not have a Skeg Box/Fin Plate and you would like to add one, please purchase a Skeg Box and the corresponding Removable Fin

We can also install Skeg Boxes on packrafts, for more info check out our Custom Work & Repair.