Packrafts have long been based around the central premise of light and fast travel, giving explorers the leeway to travel far and wide. The packability and durability of a TPU boat is unmatched and, for decades, professional and aspiring adventures have relied on this rugged inflatable to float remote waterways, cross raging rivers waters, and return home safely. But we believe that packrafting shouldn’t just be for modern day Ernest Shackletons. We believe that packrafting should be open to anyone with a desire to embrace mother nature’s beautiful waterways and the yearning to get outside.

Enter the XPD packraft - an ultra-durable, 13-pound packraft that can withstand the toughest of tests. This rugged inflatable boat still packs down and fits in carry on luggage, backpacks, and bike handlebars but is made with PVC, making it incredibly resilient in the face of the unknown. If you’ve been itching to dip your toes in this awesome sport or grow your packrafting playbook, the XPD is your ticket in. Here’s why this strong and capable packraft is the perfect boat for you.

Sampling fabrics for the XPD Kokopelli PackraftMan standing inside an XPD Kokopelli Packraft supported by two chairs

Why Reinforced PVC?

Before we dive into all the reasons the XPD might be a fit for you, we first want to touch on the beauty of 1,000d reinforced PVC.  We designed the XPD out of highly durable reinforced PVC which is a widely used material in the paddle sports industry. In comparison, ultra-lightweight packrafts are made from TPU coated nylon which is not as commonly used due to its high cost. Given this, PVC gives the XPD two major features which clearly set the XPD apart from ultra-lightweight packrafts.

First, since PVC is more widely used in watersports, there are 100s of accessories from companies like Scotty and RamMounts that are compatible with the XPD (think fishing rod holders, GoPro Mounts, paddle holders, fishing tables, and shade sails). The adhesive used on these accessories are made to attach to PVC but are not compatible with traditional TPU packrafts. This makes the XPD super easy to outfit for your style of adventure.

Second, the PVC is a thicker, more durable material which allows the raft to be inflated to a higher pressure to support these heavier types of accessories. We outfitted an XPD in our shop with a 3-rod holder on the stern of the raft and it supported two fishing rods and an umbrella with no sign of stress.

1) You're a beginner, welcome!

Two friends packrafting with the XPD Kokopelli Packraft

The XPD’s PVC material is forgiving and incredibly sturdy. New packrafters can get in and out with confidence and don’t have to worry about bumping into rough river banks or rocky shorelines. Since it’s heavier than our TPU packrafts, it is more forgiving in windy conditions and tracks well across open swaths of water. Paddlers of all ages will feel safe and secure in this fortified boat and can gain confidence in a variety of waterways with the help of the XPD.

2) Calling all aspiring Minimalists

Perhaps you’re already an avid paddler but desire to downsize. Kayakers and canoers are often saddled with roof racks, trailers, and cluttered garages. Storing and transporting large, hard sided vessels is often a job for two and requires ample time, space, and forethought. Our XPD packraft is long-lasting and durable yet able to carry in or as a backpack. Swap out your cumbersome kayak or 15 ft. canoe for a watercraft that does it all without the hassle.

3) The Fish Are Biting 

Father and son fishing in an XPD Kokopelli Packraft

You've driven past that river or lake where you see the big one jump. Having a boat nestled into the back of your SUV or truck cab means never letting the call to go fishing go unanswered. Have your tackle box handy and your rod at the ready and you can be out fishing at a mere moment's notice. The other great benefit is that the XPD easily packs down small enough to throw into a backpack. Now you can head up that trail to your remote lakes. You know what that means, less people and more fish.

4) You See the World from the Comfort of Your RV 

Woman holding a folded up XPD Kokopelli Packraft

Have you been known to spend your weekends seeing the world from the front seat of your RV? There's a whole community of individuals exploring the world by the roadways traversing across the land. The one downfall of the RV lifestyle? There isn't enough space to satisfy your sense of adventure. Now there is no more need for complicated kayak racks, loading hard shell kayaks on top or the back of your RV. Just keep a few XPDs in an under storage compartment and the next time you pull into an RV park with a lake nearby you won't miss out on the opportunity to get out for a couple of laps on the water.

5) Built for the Road Warriors (Overland is Your Community)

Whether you have a Toyota, a Jeep 4x4 or an Earth Roamer, we know space and weight are a premium. We also know that the overlanding crowd loves adventure and that shouldn't stop at the water's edge. The XPD is perfect given its small compact size. The next time you pull up to a lake to set up camp, rest assured you'll have the proper gear to get out on the water.

6) The Ocean is Your Playground

Do you regularly answer the ocean's call for adventure? For all styles of sailors at the marina, this is your boat. Whether you have a need for a small compact water tender to get in and out from the marina to your sailboat, or you like to anchor off-shore and go explore coastal caves and reefs, the XPD is perfect because it stores under a seat or in a closet on your boat. At 13 pounds and the size of a sleeping bag it fits nearly anywhere.

7) Your Dog Digs Packrafting as Much as You 

Woman holding a dog inside an XPD Kokopelli Packraft

The XPD’s weight capacity is 300 pounds and its ultra-strong floor can take a beating. Your pup can hope in and out without fear of tearing the chambers of floor and, if your furry friend gets excited and dives out, this sturdy packraft provides a solid foundation for you to haul them back aboard. What dog wouldn’t want the free feeling of the wind in their ears and the water below their paws?

8) You Want to Get The Little Ones Out On the Water

Little boy holding a paddle next to an adult holding the XPD Kokopelli Packraft

The XPD is super forgiving for little ones to jump around in and explore in their own ways. Parents can rest easy as kids bump along an easy, shallow river while learning to paddle. There’s little risk of popping or tearing the XPD’s durable chambers and tough floor. The boat was meticulously designed and engineered with all possibilities in mind and has been tested time and again for durability, strength, and resilience. Your child will be safe and secure in this rugged packraft.

9) You Want to Satisfy Your Inner Explorer

Packrafting opens up worlds of unexplored or underutilized waterways that interested explorers are required to access via winding trails, neverending dirt roads, or unrelenting underbrush. The XPD is the perfect boat to explore that stretch of water off in the distance whose flow rate, riverbed, or shoreline are ever changing and unmapped by other paddlers. The PVC material stands up to branches, sharp rocks, rough entries and quick exits. Not knowing what’s around the bend is half the fun, but the other half is knowing your boat can handle whatever it may be.

0) Year Round Paddling is Your Jam

Packrafting year round often means paddling in shallow waterways, bumping along as six inches of water cascades over rough rocks and river bed, taking you and your boat with it. Low water paddling can be extremely fun since you may be the only one out on the water. It also lets packrafters witness landscapes across multiple seasons and embrace nature’s diversity. 

11) Urban Life Is Your Style

Man laying back in an XPD Kokopelli Packraft on water next to a city

We get it, you work hard and you  like to play hard but sometimes the size of your apartment doesn't allow for big pieces of gear. Or maybe your living room is already filled to the brim with other big toys. A few people on our team have been known to takeover their living rooms with bikes and other gear.

The size of your home shouldn't limit your appetite for adventure. We know that some of the most peaceful spots in nature can be found in your own backyard. Whether you have canals, lazy rivers, inter-coastal waterways or lakes, the XPD is the right piece of gear to get you out on the water and won't take up too much closet space.

Get Your XPD Today!

Our XPD has undergone rigorous testing and withstands tough, unexpected conditions. This 13-pound packraft is lightweight enough to take with you and strong enough to handle whatever test you put it through. Welcome to the exciting sport of packrafting, we promise your watery expeditions will never be the same.

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