It’s best to explore the outdoor wilderness with gear that properly suits your needs. Whether it be a lite raft with minimal features or a larger raft with greater capacity and retractable compartments, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes standard fishing isn’t enough for those seeking a more engaging experience in the wild. Laying in the riverbeds brings a sense of encompassing calm and joy to those who feel most at home in the water. This complete buyer’s guide to inflatable fishing rafts is a great reference to help determine what you’re looking for.


The XPD, which costs a reasonable $799, is a sturdy raft that you can use for various activities, such as fishing, hunting, or multisport adventures. It’s an ideal option for those getting used to paddling who want a great start.

Here are a few facts about the XPD:

  • Based on the award-winning design of the rogue-lite platform
  • Suitable for flat water rafting
  • Includes a nano barrel pump
  • Includes a Compression Strap Set
  • Includes an Inflatable Seat
  • Includes a repair kit with glue
  • Has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • 85 inches in outer (length), 51 inches inner (length), and 37 inches in width

If you need a reliable raft with the customizability to add an e-motor at your leisure, the XPD is a great option to consider.

Nirvana Self-Bailing

The Nirvana Self-Bailing model costs $1,299 and is a more heavy-duty raft designed to keep you traveling quickly down the most precarious rivers. This is the perfect vessel for your whitewater fishing raft adventure. It’s also perfect for other activities, such as fishing, whitewater rafting, backpacking, bikepacking, adventure travel, and canyoneering.

A few facts about the Nirvana:

  • Features our 840d DuPontTM Kevlar® Aramid-Nylon Blend reinforced floor system
  • Contains a commercial raft grade Leafield D7 valve
  • Reinforcement for your special gear
  • Includes x1 Inflation Bag
  • Includes x1 Inflation Tube
  • Includes x1 Compression Strap Set
  • Includes x1 EVA Backband
  • Includes x1 Inflatable Floor with an Integrated Seat
  • Includes x1 Emergency Repair Kit
  • Has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • 90 inches in outer (width), 57 inches inner (length), 37 inches in width

If you want a heavy-duty raft suitable for taking any water-based adventure from class I to III, this is a worthy model.


The Twain model is $1,299 and is a canoe-styled raft suitable for you and your friend (even the furry ones). Compared to the previous models mentioned, this raft comfortably fits two people.

This raft is for flat waters and is perfect for enjoying a calm river or fishing adventure. With many uses, such as adventure travel, bikepacking, and backpacking, this raft is more than worth the investment.

Consider these facts about the Twain:

  • 13.6lb, portable and compact
  • Rated for flat water, bay, and inlets
  • 840d DuPontTM Kevlar Armaid-Nylon Blend reinforced floor system
  • Leadfield D7 valves
  • Dual chamber design
  • Contains 1x Inflation Bag
  • Contains 1x Inflation Tube
  • Contains 2x Compression Strap Sets
  • Contains 2x EVA Backbands
  • Contains 2x Inflatable Seats
  • Contains 1x Removable Fin
  • Contains 1x Emergency Repair Kit
  • Contains 1x TiZip Zipper Lubricant
  • Weight capacity of 600 lbs.
  • 122 inches in outer (length), 37 inches outer (width), 16 inches inner (width)

If you’re going on a river adventure with a friend or your 4-legged pal, consider this powerhouse packraft.


The Hornet-Lite costs an affordable $550 and is an ultra-light option for beginners and experienced packrafters alike. It offers great storage options under the sink and is compact enough to carry on your pack. In terms of efficiency, this raft is amazing in its maneuverability and storage.

Here are a few facts about the Hornet-Lite:

  • 4.7 lbs. with storage under the sink
  • Includes 1x Alpine Lake Paddle (4-Piece)
  • Includes 1x Inflation Bag
  • Includes 1x Inflation Tube
  • Includes 1x Compression Strap Set
  • Includes 1x Inflatable Seat
  • Includes 1x Emergency Repair Kit
  • Weight capacity of 500 lbs.
  • 85 inches outer (length), 37 inches outer (width), 51 inches inner (length), 16 inches inner (width)

If you want an inflatable raft that you can carry without a lot of trouble and something to help you along your fishing ventures, the Hornet-Lite won’t let you down.

Moki II R-Deck

The Moki II R-Deck lies in the upper-middle price bracket of $999 and is an innovative two-person model that can seamlessly convert from a two-person to a one-person boat. Though it offers a two-person removable spray deck, it’s best left at home for fishing escapades. With more paddle options and all the features included in its Moki model counterparts, this vessel is perfect for exploring flat open waters, touring, and ocean paddling.

Consider these facts about the Moki-II R-Deck:

  • 42.8 lbs.
  • Contains 2x Alpine Lake Paddles (4-Piece)
  • Contains 1x Nano Barrel Pump
  • Contains 2x EVA Seats
  • Contains 1x Drop-Stich Floor
  • Contains 1x Repair Kit with Glue
  • Contains 1 Removable Fin
  • Contains 1x Moki Carry Bag
  • Contains 2x Combing-Ring Tubes
  • Contains 1x 2-Person Removable Deck (not ideal for fishing)

For those who prefer a little company when fishing in the water, they’ll appreciate the extra room this raft affords them as soon as they’re in the water.

Recon Self-Bailing

Last but not least, the Recon Self-Bailing model, valued at $1,149, is an extreme, heavy-duty raft engineered to weather the most coarse conditions. This raft differs from the rest due to its commercial-grade 1,000d reinforced PVC, making it extremely durable. You can count on this raft to navigate you through unforgiving waters. Take this raft out on your next whitewater, fishing, or marine water adventure.

Consider these facts about the Recon:

  • 21.5 lbs.
  • Contains 1x Nano Barrel Pump
  • Contains 1x Compression Strap Set
  • Contains 1x EVA Backband
  • Contains 1x Inflatable Seat
  • Contains 1x Combing-Ring Tube
  • Contains 1x Repair Kit with Glue
  • Contains 1x TiZip Zipper Lubricant
  • Weight Capacity of 300 lbs.
  • 90 inches in outer (length), 37 inches in outer (width), 57 inches in inner (length), 16 inches inner (width)

If you desire a heavy-duty raft to keep you anchored in the most severe weather conditions, consider this Recon Self-Bailing model.

Experiencing the tug of the fishing rod in the open wilderness is an exciting thrill that’s hard to match. More curious and adventurous locations await those willing to paddle their way there for a more engaging experience. However, by referencing this complete buyer’s guide to inflatable fishing rafts, there’s no reason to doubt that the next journey will go swimmingly for you.

Complete Buyer’s Guide to Inflatable Fishing Rafts
September 13, 2022 — Adrian Landia