Essential Emergency Resources for Backpack Rafting

Going through your favorite river or lake is an experience that is hard to match. However, when participating in watersport activities, it’s a good idea to be prepared in case something goes awry. Being skilled in rafting is a good baseline, but having the right tools to keep you safe in an emergency is equally important. Check out these essential emergency resources for backpack rafting that are good to keep in mind.


Having a flare in your pack is necessary for those who only have time later in the day to go out and raft. Suppose you have to take your raft out of the water before you finish your initial course. As the sun goes down, finding people left in the wilderness becomes significantly harder. A flare is like waving a giant flag and saying, “I’m here!” to anyone looking for you.

Dried Food

Dried food is more than a simple snack. Dried meats help keep your muscles in good condition, while nutrition bars keep your energy up. Those snacks quickly become your lifeline if you have to fend for yourself for an extended period. By having a healthy amount of dried foods stored in your pack, hunger won’t become an immediate worry.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is one of the most essential items to bring along with you while going out on a backpacking inflatable raft. Should you suffer any scrapes or injuries while on your raft, these come in handy for preventing infection and keeping open wounds covered. These kits can offer treatments for anything from a minor cut to a serious wound and are worth bringing for that reason alone.

When you have the proper training, rafting is a generally safe watersport, but it does not mean something can’t go wrong. Being prepared for any mishaps or accidents is the best way to ensure you remain healthy and in peak condition when forced to fend for yourself. These essential emergency resources for backpack rafting provide a good place to start when preparing for unpreferred situations.

November 21, 2022 — Adrian Landia