Prepare for your outdoor adventures and safe packrafting expeditions with a few useful rafting and kayaking accessories.

Our lightweight and portable kayak accessories have been designed to complement your outdoor excursions, making every trip easier, safer, and more fun. Shop for quality rafting accessories now.

Paddles, Oars, & Fins

Our paddles ensure that you never find yourself “up a creek without a paddle”.

Paddles and essential piece of kayaking gear, but ours do much more than just get the job done. Our four-piece paddles are designed with easy assembly/disassembly, portability, and packability in mind so you can take them with you on-the-go and easily stash them away in a dry bag or gear bag.

Our fins & skegs provide stability that comes in handy in challenging and choppy water and weather conditions.

Bags & Packs

Our bags and packs may be useful to daytime paddlers and kayakers, but they’re essential packraft accessories for weekend warriors. From our roll-top dry bags, which keep essential personal items safely stowed and dry, to our bikepacking bags, which help you go from water to land and back to water again seamlessly, we’ve got your back (literally and figuratively!) with our packs and bags.


While bags & packs keep your gear dry, sprayskirts help keep you dry, making them, if not one of the best kayak accessories, at least one of the most useful. Whether packrafting through treacherous river rapids or ocean kayaking in big swells, our sprayskirts are one of our most popular inflatable kayak accessories because they keep adventurers comfortable and dry, which leads to a more enjoyable adventure, every time.


Are seats a type of accessory for kayaking? Maybe. We think of them more like essential gear for kayaking. However you classify ‘em, our kayak seats are designed to provide superior comfort and support, whatever the weather or water conditions.

PFDs, Safety, & Repair

Stay safe out there, adventurer!

Don’t leave home for your next packrafting trip without our safety accessories for inflatable kayaks and packrafts, like The Feather Pump, which inflates your packraft in 60 seconds and comes with a variety of nozzles for ultimate compatibility for whatever you bring on your trip.

Don’t forget to stock up on an emergency repair kit that is specifically compatible with your raft or kayak material and construction.