A Kokopelli inflatable boat or river raft makes the ideal adventure companion. Whether navigating Class V Rapids or calm lake water, we’ve got the perfect inflatable boat or raft to meet your needs.

From our kayaks, to our high-end packrafts, there’s something for outdoor enthusiast across all Kokopelli boat collections.

Our portable kayaks and rafts are some of the lightest and most durable on the market.

Kokopelli Collections

Our various inflatable boat, raft, and kayak collections provide the perfect pick for every shopper in every budget.

Whether you’re looking for the best portable kayaks for casual meandering or heavy-duty packrafts for extended packrafting trips, Kokopelli has a boat for you.

Adventure Series

  • Built to tough standards for reliability, durability and performance in the back country.
  • Designed to handle calm waters up to and including Class II rapids.
  • Lifetime Warranty Included With Purchase of Every Adventure Series Raft.

Lake Series

  • Deesigned to handle slow-moving waters and lakes.
  • Purpose-built for comfort and convenience during longer padding days.
  • Includes Platte & Platte Plus portable kayaks as well as several rafts.

Whitewater Series

  • Designed for the intense water and rapids.
  • Ideal for serious paddlers and bikepackers who seek adrenaline-inducing adventure and need the packrafts to match their enthusiasm and skill level.
  • Including such features as self-bailing technology, removable spraydecks, and extra-durable construction, our whitewater series rafts are industry-leading for true trailblazers.

Durango Bike Bags

While not one of our boat series, our Durango Bike Bags make carrying our inflatable river rafts or inflatable packrafts easy while bikepacking.

The fully waterproof Durango Bike Bag system efficiently stores your entire raft — paddle and all — in an easy to access, quick-connect manner that makes accessing your secret put-in spots easier than ever.