Recon Spraydeck


TiZip Zipper

Bomb-proof for the harshest conditions. 

Built from commercial-grade 1,000d reinforced PVC, the Recons are engineered for ultimate durability. The Recon Spraydeck features a commercial raft grade Leafield D7 valve, our completely redesigned combing ring, and a brand new spraydeck that minimizes setup hassles and won’t get thrashed even when you do.

The combination of bomber construction and thoughtful design equals a packraft that is as close to indestructible as we could get. And, because PVC packrafts can be inflated to a higher pressure compared to traditional TPU packrafts, the Recon won’t flex while plugging bigger features on the river and allowing the paddler to maintain momentum.

The Recon Spraydeck offers the same durability as its Self-Bailing sibling, but adds the additional protection of (like the name says) a spraydeck to keep you warm in cooler temps, harsher weather, or just gnarlier water. 

At 19.2lb (8.7kg) and rated up to Class IV, the Recon Spraydeck is perfect for when you’re going full send, but still trying to stay warm out there.

Add the optional TiZip zipper to store gear inside your packraft for multi-day trips.


charge on

pushed to the limits

Some say "hang on" but this one says, charge ahead. The Recon SB is there to push you to find your limit. Happy drifting or happy charging.

might, not mite


The Recon Spraydeck might be the burliest of the lineup, but don't misinterpret it's modest measurements for it's might on the water.

never unscouted

For the new lines that lurk beyond the bend