Leafield D7 Valve


The best valve on the planet, the Leafield D7 valve comes standard on all packrafts (since 2017). Easy to use, low-profile (so you won’t get it caught on straps), and threaded (so it will never come delaminated like the other guys’ valves). Never a bad idea to have a spare on extreme expeditions.

The Leafiled D7 Valve is really easy to clean or replace. It does require a D7 valve wrench to loosen the valve. The D7 valve consists of 3 main parts, the cap, the valve and the internal nut. To replace the valve, deflate your packraft, grab the internal nut through the packraft material and use the wrench to unscrew the top part of the valve. Once it is removed you can either clean or replace the valve and reverse the steps to tighten it back up. Then inflate and check for leaks around the outside of the valve.