Poudre Adventure Paddle (4-Piece Breakdown)


Length (cm)

The Poudre Adventure Paddle (4-Piece Breakdown) is our brand-new carbon fiber, premium ultra-light, hybrid paddle. It is a perfect balance between shape, weight, and durability for use in a variety of water conditions ranging from smaller creeks and moderate whitewater (Class I-II), to long-distance touring, or use on remote alpine lake adventures.

The Poudre’s ultra-light weight makes it a great multi-sport paddle for backpacking or bikepacking and the 4-piece breakdown design makes is easy to pack in a carry-on suitcase or backpack. The carbon-fiber shaft and reinforced fiberglass high angle blade is designed for those who want the lightest and most responsive paddle with moderate power.

This is the perfect paddle for the jack-of-all-trades adventurer who prioritizes weight and packability but doesn’t want to sacrifice performance.

The Poudre Paddle comes in a few sizes and R30 or L30. R30 is a 30 degree offset feather angle for right handed paddlers and L30 is for left handed paddlers. 

The Poudre Adventure Paddle is made with a carbon fiber shaft and fiberglass blades with a weight of only 885 grams.