TRU® Zip High Performance Lubricant Wipes (6-Pack)

By TRU Zip

TRU® Zip High Performance Lubricant (6-Pack) wipes are here to ensure the zippers on your bags are clean, smooth and fast. You read that right, high performance, top of the line, creme de la creme of lube. This is a 6 pack of wipes so you can keep one in your deck pack, one in your repair kit and a few at home so you'll always have one handy and ready to go.

  • Water-based formula dries fast with no sticky residue
  • Non-toxic, made from biodegradable cloth
  • Creates clear and dry coating for lasting protection

    Maintenance: Lubricate zipper after cleaning, before prolonged storage, or to improve zipper performance. Use the TRU® Zip High Performance Lubricant Wipes. Wipe the zipper with the wipe along all zipper surfaces, then slide zipper multiple times. Wipe away any excess lubricant with a clean dry cloth.

    NOTE: These wipes are for Delta Deck Packs only. For TiZips on packrafts please only use the TiZip Lubricant.